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Our design team are qualified engineers who work with you to fulfil your particular design requirements. We have a cross-section of professional staff with a breadth of experience in different areas, including automotive, food, heavy and light construction, oil and gas, agricultural and research and development. Based at our office in Worcestershire we conduct projects in house but are happy to operate contractually at our client’s offices or sites.

3D design

3D design allows for quick and accurate transformation of new concepts into products. It also allows our clients to truly conceptualise their visions before the fabrication takes place. We SolidWorks as our primary CAD package to design a whole range of products from contact lens test machines to 70 tonne excavator components.

“Designing in 3D shortens design cycles and streamlines your manufacturing processes. It accelerates time to market by improving the flow of information throughout a company by facilitating the communication of design intent through creation of a 3D virtual representation of the finished product.” – Chris Olds, Innova-Systems

This software, engineering calculations and our experience enables us to design products for you that are ready to manufacture and function as specified by our clients.


We ensure clarity and accuracy throughout our drafting process in order to allow your design to be quickly and correctly manufactured anywhere in the world.

We can produce these drawings in any format you require including .pdf and 2D AutoCAD formats e.g. DWG, DXF.

We are also happy to take your 2D drawings, whether hand drawn or provided in an electronic format, and create 3D models and finalised drawings from these.

Project Management

We have experience in project management, taking concept designs through to completion and manufacture. We have strong ties with local and national fabricators and machinists and can ensure your designs are completed accurately and on time.

FEA – Finite Element Analysis

If required we can run your design solutions through our in-house finite element analysis software to highlight areas lacking in strength, or to highlight potential material savings. This allows action to be taken before possible problems become a costly remanufacture or warranty claim. Analysis results are also supported with hand calculations to validate simulation accuracy.


We are capable of producing presentation videos and fully rendered images for you to include in sales brochures/instruction manuals.